Wolf Spray™ (Wolf urine)

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Wolf Spray™ (Wolf urine)

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Wolf Spray™ (Wolf Urine)

Product Description

Wolf Spray™ is a premium hunting product that harnesses the power of ethically sourced wolf urine. Our proprietary formula guarantees a more concentrated and effective scent than other brands, giving you a strategic advantage during your hunting expeditions. With its long-lasting properties, Wolf Spray™ remains active on the hunting grounds for extended periods, increasing your chances of attracting target game.

Safety for Wildlife and Humans

Unlike traditional hunting aids that may contain harmful chemicals, Wolf Spray™ is non-toxic and safe for both wildlife and humans. By choosing Wolf Spray™, you can confidently hunt without worrying about polluting the environment or causing harm to innocent animals.

Higher Concentration, Greater Attraction

Wolf Spray™ boasts a higher concentration of wolf urine, making it a more potent lure for game animals. The powerful scent replicates the presence of a dominant predator, triggering the curiosity and instincts of prey animals. As a result, you'll have a higher chance of attracting your desired game and making your hunting experience successful.

Extended Activity Period

One of the key advantages of Wolf Spray™ is its long-lasting performance. Unlike other hunting scents that quickly dissipate, our formula is specially designed to remain active on the hunting grounds for an extended period. This extended activity gives you more time to set up your hunting spot and allows the scent to work its magic even hours after application.