DeerMingle™ (Deer mud scrape)

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DeerMingle™ (Deer mud scrape)

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Prolonged Attraction

DeerMingle™ stands out for its long-lasting effectiveness on hunting grounds. Our unique formula is meticulously developed to release a subtle and alluring scent that captivates deer and keeps them coming back for more. Unlike traditional attractants that quickly lose their potency, DeerMingle™ remains active for extended periods, increasing your chances of spotting and engaging with these magnificent creatures.

Ethical and Eco-Responsible

As an environmentally conscious enterprise, Kit Hunting takes great pride in offering ethical hunting solutions. DeerMingle™ is crafted with the utmost care for wildlife and their habitats. Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they are eco-friendly and non-toxic to animals and the environment. With DeerMingle™, you can pursue your hunting passion guilt-free, knowing you are contributing to the preservation of nature.

Non-Toxic and Safe for Wildlife

We understand the importance of keeping the deer population safe and healthy. DeerMingle™ is formulated to be completely non-toxic, posing no harm to deer or other animals. Unlike some traditional attractants that may contain harmful chemicals, our product is free from any dangerous substances, making it a responsible choice for both hunters and wildlife.

Promotes Sustainable Hunting Practices

At Kit Hunting, we advocate for sustainable hunting practices. By using DeerMingle™, you are actively participating in a balanced ecosystem where both hunting and conservation can coexist harmoniously. The extended duration of DeerMingle's effectiveness reduces the need for frequent reapplication, minimizing any potential disruption to the natural environment. Our product aligns with the principles of ethical hunting, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the beauty of these magnificent animals.


Weight: 1 lb 6 oz

Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 6"