Bull Spray Synthetic Urine (Deer)
Bull Spray Synthetic Urine (Deer)

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Bull Spray Synthetic Urine (Deer)

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Bull Spray Synthetic Urine


Our Bull Spray Synthetic Urine is a cutting-edge hunting solution that replicates the scent of a dominant buck, making it a powerful tool to lure in bucks during hunting expeditions. What sets our product apart is its unparalleled concentration, outperforming other brands in the market. Additionally, it remains active for an extended duration, ensuring you have the best chance of capturing your prized target.

Unmatched Concentration

The Bull Spray Synthetic Urine boasts an unprecedented level of concentration, far surpassing competitors in the market. Our team of expert researchers and hunters has meticulously developed this formula to mirror the potent scent of a dominant buck in the wild. With just a few sprays of our high-intensity urine, you can significantly increase your chances of attracting bucks from a considerable distance, granting you a strategic edge in your hunting endeavors.

Prolonged Effectiveness

Unlike conventional deer lures that lose their potency quickly, our Bull Spray Synthetic Urine exhibits remarkable staying power. Once applied to the hunting location, the scent remains active for an extended period, ensuring that your hunting spot remains attractive to bucks throughout your session. This prolonged effectiveness eliminates the need for frequent reapplications, allowing you to focus on the thrill of hunting rather than constantly managing your scent trail.

Eco-Friendly and Ethical

As an environmentally conscious company, we understand the importance of preserving wildlife and their habitats. Our Bull Spray Synthetic Urine is manufactured using eco-friendly processes and sustainable materials, leaving no negative impact on the environment or local ecosystems. Furthermore, it is meticulously tested to ensure it does not harm animals in any way. By choosing our product, you are making an ethical choice to protect nature while enjoying your hunting adventures.

Versatile Application

The Bull Spray Synthetic Urine is designed for versatile application, catering to different hunting preferences and tactics. Whether you prefer spot and stalk, tree stands, or ground blinds, our product can be effectively utilized in various hunting scenarios. Additionally, it works well throughout different seasons, making it a reliable tool to maximize your hunting success year-round.



Volume: 60 ml